CRM Automation Solutions for Accounting, Consulting, and Legal

Rare Karma for Accounting, Consulting, and Legal

CRM and marketing automation solutions might be sold as instantly deployable out-of-the-box solutions, but they require significant investment in customization by consultants with industry knowledge to maximize the value of your investments. This is particularly true for partner-driven firms where relationships mean everything. At Rare Karma, we combine decades of industry-specific knowledge and experience with the practical, technical expertise needed to transform your practice into a “firm of the future.”

Our in-house consultants can help your organization with:

Business Development & Marketing Strategy

Business Development & Marketing Playbooks

CRM & Marketing Automation Platform Selection

CRM & Marketing Automation Implementation

CRM & Marketing Automation Roadmaps

CRM & Marketing Automation Migrations

CRM & Marketing Automation Integrations

Customer Intelligence Strategy, Deployment, and Integrations

Let’s Automate Your Professional Services Sector Success

From law firms to accounting firms, from boutique consultancies to large, multi-tiered organizations, Rare Karma will help you maximize your front office investments.