CRM Automation Solutions for Non-Profits & Higher Education

Rare Karma for Non-Profits & Higher Education

At Rare Karma, our belief in doing the right thing is so strong that we made the concept of karma central to our company identity. From day one we’ve focused on using our CRM expertise to help educational and non-profit organizations with limited resources automate key aspects of their operations and deliver on their missions to make the world a better place. We call this type of consulting Good Karma.

Current Good Karma programs for the educational and non-profit sectors include:

Karma Start – A fixed fee CRM implementation for Salesforce and NPSP

Automated Fundraising and Donation Management

Automated Volunteering Management

Association Management and Dues Automation

Higher Education Services

Student Recruitment and Management

Alumni Recruiting and Management

Fundraising Management

Let’s Automate Your Non-Profit and Education Sector Success

Let us help you improve your efficiencies, streamline and automate your processes, and expand your capabilities to do good within the community with Rare Karma.