Bring Rare Karma To Your Front Office

Rare Karma happens when your CRM and Marketing Automation technologies unite intelligently to reduce friction and create competitive advantage. Let us generate it for your business.

Why Rare Karma?

World Class Technical Talent and Deep Industry Expertise

We are a boutique consultancy that blends deep technical expertise with management consulting to design and implement CRM and Marketing Automation solutions. We turn strategy into tactical execution and have over 20 years in this space and deep industry experience.

Our Methodology

We Reach Success For You With 5 Critical STEPS

In business, the best intentions are only as valuable as the strategic foundations they are built upon, and we specialize in strategies that generate success. To ensure optimal outcomes for our clients, we implement the repeatable STEPS approach at every stage of the journey:

Synthesize all business and technical challenges into a clear problem statement.

Triangulate several potential paths for generating the desired business outcome.

Educate our partners on the recommended path and align a solution and roadmap.

Produce a streamlined solution within the agreed-upon scope, budget, and timeline.

Synergize the solution to generate a whole greater than the sum of its parts (Rare Karma).

Case Studies

Discover how the Rare Karma STEPS approach to technical CRM and marketing automation integrations generates measurable results for innovative companies worldwide.


“Rare Karma has been fantastic from day one, bringing technical skill with both Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as business understanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of Salesforce implementation or administration.”

Daryl McNutt
Sr. VP of Marketing, TapClicks

Our specialized consultants recently helped global marketing SaaS leader TapClicks handle the combined complexities of Salesforce, Hubspot, and ChiliPiper via a streamlined single point of accountability.


“RareKarma was a joy to work with; the team is highly knowledgeable and well-versed in Salesforce best practices. [They] kept me updated on all progress and issues and met or exceeded deadlines. I would be happy to work with this team again in the future.”

Shannon Clark
Salesforce Solutions Architect

We helped integrate data from Choozle’s powerful programmatic multi-channel advertising platform with Salesforce to drive simplified forecasting, revenue reporting, and pipeline management.

Alberts Group
F45 Training

“The Rare Karma team was great to work with. They adjusted well as we made changes to the original scope. Would highly recommend.”

Ed Alberts
CEO of Alberts Group
Owner of 10 F45 Franchises

Alberts Group wanted to automate the way clients interacted with the company’s 10 F45 Training franchises in New York. To facilitate this, we designed a Hubspot solution that could receive inquiries from customers at lightning speed.

MIPI Alliance

“The Rare Karma team did a great job building an integration service between HubSpot and our Member Management solution used by our industry association. They were a real pleasure to work with.”

Sharmion Kerley
Director of Marketing and Membership

Rare Karma’s in-house developers delivered a scheduled integration that enabled global tech specification group MIPI Alliance to connect and sync the Causeway collaboration platform directly to Hubspot via AWS.