Case Study

F45 Training

Company Background

F45 Training is an Australian franchisor and operator of fitness centers based in Austin, Texas. It has over 1,750 studios in 45 countries across Australia/Oceania, North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Alberts Group is a premier provider of F45 in New York, with 10 studios in Long Island.

The Challenge

The fitness industry is all about delivering what you promise and then repeating that to as many people as you can as often as you can. The challenge in that hypercompetitive world is that so are all of the other fitness providers. Speed is the name of the game and Alberts group was needing to automate as much as they could to provide a great customer experience as well as giving them operational efficiency.

The Solution

Utilizing all of the tools in Hubspot, Rare Karma was able to design a solution that could take an inquiry from inquiry to customer at lightning speed. This included automation of free trials, membership signups, and renewals. All of this could only be executed with a custom integration with their MindBody Booking software.
Working with the CEO and marketing team from Alberts Group, Rare Karma built a solution to manage the marketing funnel and lead pipeline including:

MEMBERSHIP FUNNEL – Rare Karma developed reporting to segment tracking leads by studio from marketing campaigns. This showed all stages of the funnel starting with trials to membership, and renewal. Best of all, the lead tracking dashboard keeps the individual franchise locations on track and identifies best practices to be shared across studios.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY – Also called the “Trial to Close Pipeline” – Once a prospect starts a free trial, they are tracked as an Opportunity in HubSpot using a pipeline with 12 fine-grained stages designed to closely follow them through their progression. Alberts Group can when a user registers for their first training session, creates their personalized fitness program with their trainer, and comes back for their second session, all the way through purchasing an annual membership. At each stage, a sales manager or trainer is alerted to engage with the prospect in a natural way to optimize their F45 experience and move them toward the membership that suits their profile.

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ENGINE – Alberts Group understands that in order for a customer to optimize their experience they will need some encouragement and guidance along the way. The Head Trainer Daily gives the head trainer in each location the information they need to stay current with members and follow up with them to keep them focused on F45 and their personal fitness goals.

STUDIO KPIs – Studio staff have access to dashboards showing the status of trial and membership progress. Prospects who are not progressing through the pipeline are flagged for follow-up. Likewise, members who have not scheduled training in more than 30 days are flagged as low-usage. The solution is designed to help franchise owners and their staff convert prospects to members and to keep members engaged.

UNDER THE HOOD – Our solution was built using HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional, Sales Hub Enterprise, and Operations Hub Enterprise. We leverage custom Pipelines, Workflows, Custom Code Workflow Actions (JavaScript), Custom Reports, and Apiant for integration with MindBody.


“The Rare Karma team was great to work with. They adjusted well as we made changes to the original scope. Would highly recommend.”

Ed Alberts
CEO of Albert Group
Owner of 10 F45 Franchises

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