CRM Automation Solutions for Startups and High Growth Companies

Rare Karma for Startups and High Growth Companies

There are thousands of things you need to worry about when bringing your dream company to life. Our goal is to ensure that customer relationship management and marketing automation are not among them. Leveraging decades of high-level experience with early-stage startups, we understand how to streamline and automate your CRM and marketing technology foundation so that you can get back to focusing on your core business.

Our growth-oriented strategies and services include:

Outsourced CRM & Marketing Automation Administration

Process Automation & Integration into Other Systems

CRM & Marketing Automation Migrations

CRM & Marketing Automation Blueprint & Roadmapping

CRM & Marketing Automation Platform Selection

Front Office Strategy, Sales, and Marketing Consulting

Let’s Automate Your Startup and Growth Sector Success

Whether you are working through pre-funding stage or looking for your next round, our expert team can help you move forward with confidence in your marketing and CRM processes.