Case Study

Grassi Advisors

Company Background

Grassi is one of the nation’s largest accounting firms with more than 450 employees and nine office locations in the U.S. and Italy. Grassi’s team of experienced CPAs, CFOs, business consultants, forensic accountants, valuation experts, trust and estate specialists and tax advisors offer strategic advice and customized solutions to overcome all obstacles standing in the way of their clients’ greatest success.


The Challenge

Grassi, a rapidly expanding accounting and advisory firm in the US, recognized the importance of maintaining strong client engagement post-pandemic. With a growing marketing team, they sought efficient and effective solutions.

When Grassi came to Rare Karma their technology stack included Eloqua marketing automation and Introhive for sales intelligence and data quality management. The challenges were that Introhive and Eloqua did not communicate and the team had challenges in the way Eloqua was implemented and not an easy-to-use platform for the team. This made using Eloqua less than ideal and the process of managing and updating the highly enriched contacts from Introhive cumbersome and manual to update into marketing use.

The Solution

Rare Karma brought specialized expertise in Introhive and marketing automation to enhance Grassi’s systems. Opting for HubSpot as a more fitting and scalable solution for marketing automation, we seamlessly integrated Introhive’s AI-powered data enrichment through robust APIs.

Working closely with the Grassi team, we ensured a successful conversion by addressing their specific needs, cleaning existing data, and strategically segmenting contacts based on relationships and buyer profiles. This streamlined integration facilitated the automatic flow of the right contacts into HubSpot, eliminating manual data entry and allowing the Grassi team to focus on strategic marketing initiatives.

The result? A quick and smooth transition for the entire Grassi team to HubSpot, leveraging Introhive’s sales intelligence for high data quality and industry segmentation. Now, marketing efforts are streamlined, and the team can concentrate on their core competencies without the hassle of manual data management.


“As accounting marketers, we understand the immense value of quality data to power strategic decision-making and drive sustainable growth. However, accessing and managing this data to extract meaningful insights is an ongoing challenge that demands creative solutions. With the results of this project, we believe we can accelerate innovation in our data practices to gain a key competitive advantage.”

Sarah Cirelli
Chief Marketing Officer

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