Case Study

MIPI Alliance

Company Background

MIPI Alliance is a global business alliance that develops technical specifications for the mobile ecosystem, particularly smartphones, but including mobile-influenced industries. MIPI was founded in 2003 by ARM, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments.

The Challenge

For years, MIPI has relied on the Causeway collaboration platform to administer their association. Recently, the organization introduced HubSpot for hosting their website and running their marketing and member outreach campaigns. As a result, MIPI needed to synchronize the member data from Causeway with the HubSpot, so that information about each member could be used to tailor communications and include (or exclude) them from outreach and marketing programs as appropriate.

For example, Causeway holds information about particular interest groups that a member belongs to (e.g., Software Working Group). When a blog post, or email newsletter, is published relating to that interest group, the members of the group should be notified. That requires syncing the Causeway membership data into HubSpot.

The Solution

Because there is no existing connector between Causeway and HubSpot, MIPI hired Rare Karma to build a meaningful bi-directional integration. The first step was to document MIPI’s requirements, develop the mappings with Causeway along with any technical considerations, and map out the usability and design within HubSpot.

INTEGRATED OUTCOMES USING AWS – Rare Karma delivered a scheduled integration that works within the capabilities of the Causeway and HubSpot APIs. The solution is built on the MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, and Node.js) and hosted on Amazon Web Services. The solution was tested using HubSpot Developer Test Accounts and after ensuring 100% accuracy of the data sync,.

MIPI now synchronizes Causeway data into HubSpot at the beginning of each day, ensuring that MIPI’s marketing team has the latest member data available to support their marketing efforts.


“The Rare Karma team did a great job building an integration service between HubSpot and our Member Management solution used by our industry association. They were a real pleasure to work with.”

Sharmion Kerley
Director of Marketing and Membership

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