Case Study


Company Background

TapClicks is a global leader in marketing technology. Over 5,000 media companies, publishers and agencies use the TapClicks SaaS solution for the dashboards and analytics to manage over $5 billion in advertising spend.

The Challenge

TapClicks management was looking for a way to manage their customer facing “martech” stack of Salesforce and Hubspot without necessarily having multiple full time headcount to manage their implementation. The challenge was to have a single point of contact with Hubspot expertise, Salesforce expertise, and Hubspot – Salesforce integration expertise. Based on their experience, they had faced challenges with having multiple external partners not working in sync to execute their vision. A classic case of “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

The Solution

Rare Karma eliminated the need to have multiple partners to handle the complexities of Salesforce, Hubspot and ultimately ChiliPiper. Most importantly, TapClicks had a single point of accountability and streamlined communication and prioritization of their needs in a more seamless way than before.

As a result Rare Karma was able to deliver the following outcomes:

  • HOT LEAD ROUTING – Rare Karma accelerated lead velocity from Hubspot nurturing directly into Salesforce and ChiliPiper using Flow and Apex for the logic and business rules to handle lead assignment.
  • CRM TRIAGE – One of the outcomes of multiple partners and multiple acquisitions became unneeded code and disparate data. Rare Karma was able to debug and clean up the Salesforce org, streamline automation and eliminate volumes of custom code.
  • BUSINESS KPIs – Once TapClicks was confident in the processes, integration and data, Rare Karma was able to deliver meaningful dashboards for revenue forecasting and tracking sales performance against targets.
  • MEANINGFUL INTEGRATION – Like many customers that use the Hubspot – Salesforce connector, there was not a robust enough solution synchronizing touchpoints between the two systems. Rare Karma was able to optimize the integration with enhancements to impact even greater visibility and outcomes.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE ROI – Rare Karma provides high availability and expertise that delivers results and keeps systems running at a fraction of the cost for full time employees to support Salesforce and Hubspot.


“Rare Karma has been fantastic from day one, bringing technical skill with both Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as business understanding. They were able to craft powerful solutions to transform and streamline our business processes. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of Salesforce implementation or administration. “

Daryl McNutt
Sr. VP of Marketing

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